Save Our Super joins superannuation policy ginger group

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28 June 2016

The newly-formed lobby group Save Our Super has joined an alliance of investor and superannuation associations who are urging the Coalition Government and the Labor Opposition not to proceed with their proposed superannuation changes.

Save Our Super is led by Melbourne lawyer Jack Hammond QC who is campaigning to have superannuation savings made before the 3 May Budget ‘grandfathered’ so they do not adversely impact people who saved for their retirement under the previous rules.

Save Our Super joins the Australian Shareholders’ Association, The Australian Investors Association, the Small Independent SMSF Funds Association and the SMSF Owners’ Alliance in calling for the Government and the Opposition to review their policies if elected on Saturday.

The Budget decisions have caused dismay among many retirees and those close to retirement because they impose new limits and a new tax on earnings from superannuation accounts.

“Save Our Super adds a new voice to the chorus of concern over the policies of both major parties that will impose a new tax on superannuation earnings and restrict the opportunity for people to save enough to be financially independent in retirement,” according to Duncan Fairweather, Executive Director of the SMSF Owners’ Alliance which is co-ordinating the campaign.

More on Save Our Super can be found on their website:

Jack Hammond can be contacted at:

And on: 0400 862 865


Duncan Fairweather

Executive Director

SMSF Owners’ Alliance

0412 256 200