About us

Our Group

Save Our Super is an apolitical group which informs the public of the implications of the Coalition’s 23 November 2016 superannuation legislation, subsequent superannuation legislation, Labor’s superannuation policies and other superannuation issues.

Some of our supporters vote Liberal/National; some vote Labor; others vote for other parties or independents. But we are united in our call for action by the Federal Parliament.

Our Call For Action

Save Our Super calls for all Federal parliamentarians to promote and support superannuation policies and legislation which contain grandfathering provisions that maintain the previous entitlements of those Australians who will be significantly affected by major rule changes to the then existing superannuation provisions.

How To Support Us

Save Our Super welcomes your support for our call for action. You can support us by signing the updated petition and/or contact us here to let us know that you also care.

Our People

Jack Hammond QC:

Save Our Super’s founder is Jack Hammond QC, formerly a Victorian barrister for more than three decades.

Prior to becoming a barrister, he was an Adviser to Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, and an Associate to Justice Brennan, then of the Federal Court of Australia. Before that he served as a Councillor on the Malvern City Council (now Stonnington City Council) in Melbourne. During his time at the Victorian Bar, Jack became the inaugural President of the Melbourne community town planning group Save Our Suburbs.

In 1972, Jack was an Australia Party candidate for the House of Representatives’ seat of Higgins (the Australia Party was the forerunner to the Australian Democrats). Jack was also an Australia Party Victorian candidate for the Senate. For more than 50 years, Jack has been an active member of Lord Somers Camp & Power House, a community organisation in Melbourne. He has also been active within his local community in a number of voluntary organisations and is at present, President of his local residents’ group.

Declaration of Interest

Jack Hammond QC has retired from his barrister’s practice and is adversely affected by the Coalition’s 23 November, 2016 superannuation legislation.