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Save Our Super will send an updated email petition, on your behalf, to:

Sarah Henderson


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Ministers Scott Morrison, Kelly O’Dwyer and Mathias Cormann;

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Shadow Ministers Chris Bowen and Katy Gallagher;

Greens Leader Richard di Natale;

NXT Leader Nick Xenophon; and

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson

plus 4 others


The Federal Coalition Government has made a number of changes to its Budget 2016 superannuation proposals. Consequently, Save Our Super has updated its earlier email petition/s to take into account those changes.

Thank you if you signed the earlier petition/s. Please support, or continue to support, Save Our Super by completing our updated petition. Feel free to add your personal story below the petition by clicking on “READ THE PETITION” in the box below. Scroll down to the heading “My/Our personal story…” and start typing!

Parliamentarians have told us they take more notice of people who live in their electorates. Therefore, please put in your residential address.

After you submit the petition, you will automatically receive a confirmation email to prove that you are actually a person. Please click on the link in the confirmation email to ensure your petition message is sent.

Note: You will receive an auto reply from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s email address advising you to fill in a contact form. Complete that form to ensure he receives your petition. Below is the petition text to copy and paste into his Contact Page. You can also add your personal story to the bottom of that copied and pasted text as well:


I/we support Save Our Super’s Call For Action set out below.

Save Our Super is an apolitical community-based group which makes the public aware of the implications of the Coalition’s superannuation proposals and the Opposition’s superannuation policies. Some of our supporters vote Liberal/National; some vote Labor; others vote for other parties or independents. But we are united in our call for action by the Federal Parliament.

Coalition’s Superannuation Proposals

The Federal Coalition Government has made a number of changes to its Budget 2016 superannuation proposals. The current proposals are contained in three tranches of Exposure Drafts. Links to that material can be found on the Home page of Save Our Super’s website: . In Save Our Super’s opinion, the Coalition’s proposals are wrong in principle and unworkable in practice.

Labor’s Superannuation Policies

On 26 June 2016, Labor dropped their 2016 election superannuation policies. Subsequently, they proposed increased superannuation taxes, despite saying in their policy released just over a year previously, that “If elected, these are the final and only changes Labor will make to the tax treatment of superannuation”. Labor has not announced any replacement superannuation policies.

Save Our Super’s Call For Action and Petition

Save Our Super calls for and petitions all Federal parliamentarians:

  1. to promote and support superannuation policies and legislation which contain grandfathering provisions that maintain the previous entitlements of those Australians who will be significantly affected by major rule changes to the then existing superannuation provisions; and
  2. that if the Coalition’s proposed superannuation legislation is passed by the House of Representatives, then the Senate should refer that legislation to a Senate Committee. The Coalition’s and Treasury’s assumptions which underpin the proposed superannuation legislation should be open to public challenge. The Senate Committee should invite and consider public submissions and objections.

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