Tell your Coalition Parliamentarians you support Save Our Super

Please click below to tell all Coalition Senators and Coalition Members of the House of Representatives that:

you support Terrence O’Brien’s, Jack Hammond QC’s and Save Our Super’s joint submission in response to the second tranche of the Government’s superannuation changes; and

if the proposed legislation is passed by the House of Representatives, the Senate should subject it to careful scrutiny. It should refer the whole of the Government’s proposed superannuation package to a Senate Committee. The Senate Committee should invite and consider public submissions and objections. The Government’s and Treasury’s assumptions which underpin the changes should be open to public challenge. If not, why not? And why are there no grandfathering provisions to protect Australians who have acted on the existing rules and whom will be significantly affected by the changes?

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Your message can be more effective if you also tell your personal story to your local State or Territory Senator and your local Member of Parliament. Select your electorate from the drop down menu below and add your personal message. Their contact details are included so you can phone them, post them a letter or drop in and visit them – we are sure they’d love to see you!!:

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