Neil Chapman – Do not want to be reliant on Federal Government and taxpayers

Turned 60 on 2 June, and entered Transition To Retirement (“TTR”) – working full-time to increase super balance. My super is “only” $500,000″ but due to two divorces, I rent. I need to try to accumulate enough to buy something to live in, or face life-time renting. I am a fit, active, 60 year old.  Like my parents and my uncle and aunts, I may live until I’m 90-95 years or older. I do not want to be reliant on housing from Fed Govt and taxpayers. Taxing TTR is bad enough – virtually negating any benefit or dramatically reducing it. Furthermore, if back-dated, means that people making that decision like me – will be disadvantaged when simply complying with the legal rules. Those rules were put in place for good reason. They have already assisted many thousands of Australians to be better prepared for the road ahead without salary or wages. Well done Save Our Super. Thank you for the initiative and representation of an otherwise silent mob.

Neil Chapman