I’ll have what’s she’s having: Labor’s superannuation policy

Posted on by Judith Sloan

download (10)For many people, superannuation is a key issue in terms of determining how to vote.  The Coalition clearly broke a clear and solemn promise not to increase taxation on superannuation and has come up with an over-engineered, unworkable dog’s breakfast, most of which will never be enacted.

For some, this is a line in the sand that has been crossed and we should expect the Liberal’s primary vote to be affected significantly in some electorates.

Most of thought that Labor’s superannuation policy was done and dusted but it now seems that all the net savings of the budget in relation to superannuation have been taken on board by Labor and the party is simply refusing to say which of the changes (and there were many) will be its policy and those that won’t.

There is just this reference in the Labor’s costings document:

Given Labor’s concerns about the Government’s superannuation changes, including retrospective elements, Labor would consult with stakeholders and take a broader examination of all these measures on coming to government.

So who knows?  If super is your thing, hang on to your hat.

Morrison has developed a very unpleasant inflexibility when it comes to discussing superannuation – he knows that he has stuffed up (thanks Martin Parkinson) but it is just too hard to admit it.

My guess is that Morrison will never lead the Liberal Party after this misstep.

Source: http://catallaxyfiles.com/2016/06/26/ill-have-whats-shes-having-labors-superannuation-policy/