Government to collect the compulsory super payments?

The Australian

28 August 2017

Letters to the Editor

There is no doubt that saving for one’s retirement is a good thing (“A super fail: 80pc retire on benefits”, 26/8).
But if the aim was to make people less dependent on the age pension, this does not seem to have happened.
For many, meagre personal pension benefits have to be supplemented by the age pension. There are also
those who through divestment or careful planning of their assets succeed in getting part of the age pension.
In addition, all super accounts attract exorbitant fees and thereby reduce the nest egg. A better system would
be for the government to collect the compulsory super payments, invest them, as it does for the Future Fund,
and guarantee retirement pension benefits commensurate with the contributions made during one’s working
B. Della-Putta , Thorngate, SA