Email to all Coalition Senators and MHRs from Terrence O’Brien – dated 9 September 2016

Dear Prime Minister, Treasurer, Ministers, Government Senators and Government MHRs

I wrote yesterday to Messrs Gee and Buchholz in their roles as leaders of the Coalition Backbench Committee on Economics and Finance to convey four recent studies on superannuation and retirement income policy to be published by the Centre for Independent Studies  in the forthcoming edition of its magazine, Policy.  I hope the studies will be helpful to consideration of the Budget superannuation measures.

I also conveyed my impressions of some important developments since the four studies were finalised. I undertook to circulate the studies and my letter to other Government members, and do so today as attachments to this letter.

Yours sincerely

Terrence O’Brien

(Address and contact number supplied)

Attachments to the email dated 9 September 2016: