Email to all Coalition Senators and MHRs from Terrence O’Brien – dated 19 September 2016

Dear Prime Minister, Treasurer, Ministers, Government Senators and Government MHRs

I wrote today to Messrs Gee and Buchholz in their roles as leaders of the Coalition Backbench Committee on Economics and Finance to convey  a copy of my submission of 16 September to Treasury on the first tranche of Government superannuation measures.

You will see I am critical of the process of consultation, the apparent separation of the new super tax expenditure measures from the tax increases on super, the Government’s proposed objective for its superannuation policy, and the content of some of the new expenditure measures.

My criticisms draw on the four articles by the Centre for Independent Studies which I forwarded with my earlier correspondence with you.

Yours sincerely

Terrence O’Brien

(Address and contact number supplied)